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Studio 115 Integrated Services is a wholly African Owned Company. We specialize in: Communication Services, Event/Media/PR Consulting, Brand Development, Projects Consultancy, TV Documentary/Audio Visual, ICT/Web design and solutions.

We are your consultant, coach and planner all in one; breathing vitality into your projects. Studio 115 Integrated Services offers a comprehensive process that seamlessly takes you from strategy to post-launch, with a specialist working with you at each phase. We are always working to create solutions that produce results.


Media/PR Consulting

We function as a full business partner to our clients, providing innovative Media & PR consulting and counsel and offering integrated PR and media solutions that build brand reputation.

TV Documentary

Our in-house production team can provide variety of television documentary that suit your need. We pride in our unique visual and sound quality that stands out and audience finds very enjoyable.

Content Development

Our content development and marketing experience include radio and tv documentary and advert. We provide quality content can create visibility, build reputation, and even change opinions or behaviors.

TV & Radio Advert

Advertisement is beyond a notice or announcement. At Studio115 we encourages people to buy their products, services or idea. We provide you insight from our wealth of experience in reaching your audience and promoting your business.

Visual Effect

Bring your video to live with special effect that keeps your audience's eyes glued to your video. This is a powerful tool you can harness to further sell your product and promote your services.

Web Design & Social Media Influencer

A professional website that gives you 24/7 online presence with quality graphics. Take advantage of our online presence and consultation on how you can use the social media to promote your personalty and business.

What the Reviews Say

“You indeed are a true home of communication, am glad to have you as a partner for promoting my company. Your skills is one of the major growth factor that has giving my company global recognition today.”
- Williams
“Thank you for adding color to my wedding and spicing it up. You are guys are the best. You didnt just deliver the quality but you added value to the service.”
- Agozie
“I must say that you deliver quality in a timely and efficient manner. You have given me more clients because they love the quality of your documentary. Keep up the good work.”
- Adeoye

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